I’ve had the pleasure to be a guest in a few podcasts, to talk about software engineering; entrepreneurship; and open source.

The Get Paid Podcast (Episode #15)

In this episode I talked to Claire about my consulting business (Ombu Labs); lean startup; building minimum viable products; and bootstrapping: https://clairepells.com/15/

Remote Ruby (Episode #46)

In this episode I talked with Jason Charnes and Chris Oliver about getting started with Ruby; consulting; open source; and Ruby on Rails upgrades: https://remoteruby.transistor.fm/46

Rails with Jason (Episode #020)

In this new episode, Jason and I talk about upgrading Rails application (and my experience at FastRuby.io); speaking at conferences; how to find freelancing clients; and how to assess code quality: https://www.codewithjason.com/rails-upgrades-ernesto-tagwerker-rails-jason-podcast/

Rails with Jason (Episode #008)

In this episode, Jason Swett and I discuss how we approach working on large Rails applications, methods for writing useful tests in a large application setting: https://www.codewithjason.com/rails-with-jason-podcast/ernesto-tagwerker/